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Sun, Jul. 31st, 2005, 09:26 pm
ellyllon_fae: sorry i haven't posted in a while. life happened.

hey i thought i'd spread the

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that's what "Let's Recycle Politics" was working on.

want to spread it? take that code and post it places.

presentation is coming along.
i'm working on the speech-y thing, and chris and i got a bunch of stuff [with gary carrel offering more] for the poster board thing.

the garden walk went well- i could only be there sunday [today], but lulu and chris were there both days. it was great to see that people do care... saturday i assume went well.

due to rehearsals after my driver's ed course beginning at 11.
i will not be attending the in-class driver's ed, so we will begin at 10, and end at like...10 50 so lulu and i can get to rehearsal on time.
i will send out an email and call if i can.

that's all for now.

mr ring i will e-mail you the presentation asap.
thank you for your patience.