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Mon, Sep. 26th, 2005, 08:48 pm
wornroundthedge: let's hop off this pause button.

just in case you guys didn't know.. due to some "issues" i have had to change my LJ username. this is still me, i'm just no longer ellyllon_fae

if it is ok with everyone, i would like to meet on this coming WEDNESDAY. we NEED to keep the ball rolling and get this presentation together and finished so i can mail out letters of invitation, and finally schedule this meeting with the administration.

q's, comments, concerns-->same e-mail address as before.

and also- those of you who have no posts in your LJ--it would be really easy for me to contact you if/when i'm already on LJ and i have to send a you specific memo or something that you actually have a post to comment on. not ot be pushy or anything.

much thanks.