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Fri, Jul. 8th, 2005, 03:47 pm
ellyllon_fae: notes! and productivity! and people read this!

here are the


  1. Pros and Cons
  2. Success
  3. Experts
  4. Science


  • cheaper gardening
  • less garbage waste
  • differene btwn compost and fetrilizers:     compost > fertilizer
  • lets needed microbes live [microbes involved in conversion of Nitrogen]
  • adds organic matter
  • cooperation-- develops community


  • attracts rats + other vermin
  • during winter: ...?
  • takes TIME
  • we need dedicated people--cooperation is not instantaneous
  • odor -- we have to control what goes in
  • could be hazardous if neglected


  • Toronto schools
  • meghan's neighbors
  • omega institute
  • UK composting association
  • CT schools--manual


  • how: constructed?
  1. need to control/measure:
  • pH: not too acidic or basic
  • moisture content
  • temperature
  • carbon/nitrogen ratio

and here are the that tara sent me:

Day 1 

Initial Goal/Wish/Challenge: It would be great if we could increase recycling rates 

Group felt this needed further development (Clarifying the problem): used statement starters – How to (H2), How might I (HMI) In what ways might I (IWWMI), and What might be all (WMBA). Classic brainstorming with Post-Its© 

  • H2 get rid of those little bins and get larger ones with wheels
  • HMI get more recycling awareness
  • H2 increase composting in recycling
  • WMBA the ways to keep people
  • interested
  • H2 get schools involved in recycling
  • H2 get more recycling bins
  • H2 spread knowledge about composting
  • H2 create more uses for materials
  • IWWM we get our politicians involved
  • H2 clarify to all what we can recycle
  • HMI go about seeking town officials to
  • explain recycling to students while they are young
  • H2 get all city residents to recycle
  • H2 make not recycling unpopular
  • H2 recycle water bottles
  • H2 get recycling into public places
  • H2 motivate people to recycle
  • H2 get college students involved
  • H2 get celebrity sponsors
  • H2 give shock therapy to those who
  • don’t
  • IWWM we get the public involved
  • H2 spread recycling to the media
  • H2 get our politicians to care more about our city and environmental quality instead of lining their pockets
  • H2 recycle at concerts
  • H2 get young people involved in recycling
  • H2 keep people interested; not just young people recycling
  • H2 recycle pop cans to buy toys
  • H2 recycle paper
  • H2 get a mayor who will support recycling
  • H2 recycle more items
  • H2 get retired people involved

New Problem Statement: H2 get more information out to the average person 

  • Posters using recycled paper/ink
  • Community block clubs
  • Use computers
  • Posters, news (live), school program, news ad, website
  • Websites
  • Community newspapers
  • Newspapers/TV
  • Media
  • School program
  • Email
  • Info in with garbage bills regularly
  • Commercials
  • Mail
  • Encouragement
  • Videos
  • Talk about it
  • Word of mouth
  • By mailing
  • By talking to them
  • Recycling instructions on products
  • Info @ supermarket
  • Block clubs
  • Have a party
  • Garbage collection refusing to collect unless recycle
  • Go to a game store
  • Colorful bins
  • Recycling at movies; in movies
  • More bins
  • Local stores (Wilson Farms)
  • Circus
  • Restaurant menus
  • Advertise in public places
  • Punishment
  • Advertisement in media
  • Info on bills
  • Laws
  • Malls
  • Recycling in malls
  • Telephone calls
  • Banks
  • Parks
  • Go to schools
  • Make it fun

Brainstorming using VIR pictures 

  • Less garbage + less pollution = refreshing
  • Pollution causes illness
  • Recycle post-it paper
  • Garbage attracts bugs
  • Get new ideas to inspire people to recycle
  • You might as well eat barbed wire if you don’t recycle
  • Clean up shelves
  • Do not touch barbed wire
  • Show photos of what happens when you don’t recycle
  • You can do small things to create big outcomes
  • Show a clean city
  • Making sure people know it doesn’t hurt to recycle
  • Get people out on sunny days to clean up neighborhoods
  • Can’t ignore issue – show negative effects if ignored
  • Have people live in a non-recycling community
  • Showing that you can recycle anywhere
  • Recycle cans and paper
  • Recycle and smile with pride: you made a good decision
  • Get collection sites in many different neighborhoods
  • Reality TV shows with a big trash yard
  • Recycle clothes
  • Recycle shoes and games
  • Recycle paper on your garage and grass
  • Dumpsites are ugly – clean up – let be pretty
  • Take people to Love Canal – show people who lived there
  • Create new recycling for non-profit
  • Recycling competition – race – clean up park – rewards – business supported
  • Clean up the garages
  • Rewards for recycling
  • Tax breaks for neighborhoods that recycle
  • Awards for clean city
  • Recycle tires, glass, etc.
  • Have people watch Erin Brockovich in school
  • Take paper out of the water
  • Scholarships for those interested/involved in a lot of recycling
  • Show global warming effects on the weather channel
  • Show bad animal results from not recycling 

Places to recycle or promote recycling: 

  • At a skate party
  • Get a snappy, fun jingle
  • Bus billboards
  • Entertainment to motivate recycling
  • Downtown
  • Color coat for paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc.
  • Put bins at street corners
  • Schools
  • t-shirts
  • saying it is “Un-American” not to recycle
  • reward if recycling correctly
  • subway advertising
  • meetings with politicians
  • political lobby
  • airplane advertising
  • write letters to important political leaders (local and national)
  • petitions to mandate promotions
  • propaganda
  • interview with celebrities
  • political advertisements
  • seek town officials
  • Frisbees
  • Conferences (televised, radio) RE: recycling
  • Get celebrities to do recycling commercials
  • Carnival booths
  • Teachers
  • McDonald’s
  • PSAS 

    RV advertisement
  • Corporations
  • Malls
  • The news
  • At UB
  • Video games
  • Airplane papers
  • Movie theaters
  • Get kids to advocate more
  • Comical ads in regard to recycling
  • At a shoe store
  • Radio stations
  • Fast food
  • County recycling departments
  • Previews before movies
  • Halloween party
  • Show depressing outcomes of waste on TV, etc.
  • Churches
  • Afraid not to recycle
  • Recycling mascot
  • In a car
  • Scary movies and music
  • At a clothing store
  • Car dealer
  • Bad things happen to animals when we don’t recycle
  • $200
  • Use radical PETA tactics
  • At the zoo, marina, farms, theme parks
  • Spot Coffee and Starbucks
  • At local events
  • Go-kart racing
  • Running races
  • Furniture, pizza, food, flower stores
  • Corner stores
  • No small bins – large with wheels so they don’t blow away
  • $ if recycling
  • t-shirts, bumper stickers
  • recycling carnival
  • sporting events/venues
  • Signs at Tony Walker Center
  • Buses
  • Restaurants
  • Prisons
  • Door-to-door
  • Affects everyone when don’t recycle
  • Create recycling centers open to all
  • Flyers in fences, car windshields
  • Businesses involved
  • Associate happy images with outcomes of recycling
  • Give out jobs to get word out
  • Modern times = modern measures to reduce waste
  • Scare tactics
  • Recycling on beaches
  • Recycling 24/7
  • Easier ways and more opportunities to recycling

Day 2 

Split into groups. Came up with group name: Cru-saving for Composting.

Idea generation with Post-its and then clustering. 


H2 go about spreading knowledge through universal posters throughout the state, city, even country that explain what is/isn’t recyclable. 

Let companies know we want less packaging – more recycled materials available to consumers. 

Game show

News articles/stories

Radio/TV commercials

Local concerts to promote recycling

Make a sexy commercial 

Bins with pictures of what can be placed inside 

T-shirts and artwork

Recycle or die/wrong bin = death



Be awake, be aware. Reduce, reuse, recycle 

Recycle coloring books

Make coloring books from recycled paper 

Create recycling teams

Partnerships with Boy’s & Girls clubs 

Door-to-door education 

H2 get trash cans/recycle bins on a suburb street corner

H2 recycle tires, disks, etc.


Spread knowledge through posters 

Less company packaging 

Media advertising 

Bins with pictures 


Recycling coloring books 

Community networking 

Community outreach 

Availability and placement of bins 

HMI recycle Styrofoam

H2 get recycling bins next to garbage bins in public areas

H2 get larger bins/make more available 

Tax break 

Get political support 

What we see ourselves doing is…

  1. create proposal with information on composting, its influences, etc. (get approval).
  2. make $ for composting equipment (reach over monetary goal).
  3. creating an efficient composting system (successful composting)
  4. take the system and spread out, especially to schools (outreach programs).

Data Finding

Who:  groundskeeper

Nichols community – student and administrative population

Everyone – BFI, city of Buffalo, residents, county, future, education (age)

Where: Nichols

College students

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Alfred State/Fredonia State

Alumni contacts

Other groups 

Items Needed:

Compost equipment

Large-scale composter

Rodent protection

Any equipment that will keep compost from being disrupted

Turning equipment

Ms. Gurney and Dev. Office

Brochures and other printing

Educational handouts

Existing facilities materials

$600 for wood chipper

Organization to keep the composting going 

H2 get these items: 501c3 status, volunteer funding at Nichols, items from facilities crew, Delaware Park, Olmstead Parks Conservancy. 

Short Term Goals (2 weeks) 


*Research on composting

*Talking points presentation

*Proposal talks for administration

*Composting methods, products, rules/regs, science, experts. 



Scientific – Josh/Ray 

Experts – Lexie/Ray

Pros/Cons – Chris/Ray

Success – Lourdes/Ray 




Medium Term Goals (2 months) 


Establish $ goal

Letter to Cornell Cooperative

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Olmstead Conservancy

Fundraising goal

Organize car wash 

Long Term Goals (6 months) 


Fundraise at school (bake sale/dance)

Raffle-businesses donate prizes

Contact media for press

Show pros/cons of not recycling 


Chris and Josh/Lexie 







Beginning of school year 

Task List 

Write proposal for administration

Discussion with Olmsted conservancy


Make regular meetings

Organization of fundraisers

Choose equipment

Make brochures

Catchy advertisements

Get into email servers

Andy Goldstein for fundraising

Educational display about composting

Proposal for dance to administration

Network with other science teachers

Recruit students

Develop a convincing presentation

Make up a press release

Get a contest started

Research composting and publish it

Establish a working relationship with local media

Sell raffle tickets

Emphasize the need for recycling

Organize a dance

Organize a variety show

Jim’s Steakout

Spot Coffee


Capitalize on Earth Week energy 

People to contact 

Ms. Gurney

Mr. Bossinger




Boards-Suzanne Taylor

Grounds superintendent 


Abitibi Recycling – Susan Attridge

School administrators

Ms. Nagy – Nichols Community Service


Ithaca College


Colby Washuta – student/family


Mr. Bryan – headmaster

Daemen Center for Sust. Dev.

Andy Goldstein


Jim Pavel – WNY Beautiful

Local TV – 2,4,7

Skip Bossinger – grounds super.


Block clubs

Delaware Park

Earth Links group

Publicity (Next newspaper)


Student volunteers (SEA)

Laura Quebral Fulton


Ms. Zemsky


Composting lessons in science classes 



Grounds crew

Facilities may resist

Fear of composting


Fear of worms

Unwanted animals

“Added stress” of separating garbage

Lack of space

Lack of recycling




Ideally we would like to see: 

*Fundraising – dance, concert, play, variety show, raffle tickets, car wash, bake sale

*Media – TV:2,4,7, Radio: Kiss 98.5, WBEN, etc., News: local, Artvoice

*Composting – purchase composter, information on up-keep, information on cost

*Educational Program – elective class, integrate into curriculum, web-based information center, Dave’s video, Cornell Cooperative

*Increase Environmental Consciousness – decrease apathy, SEA(A) promote: name change, adjust focus 


Find a city with similar or familiar with a large scale program

H2 work with other groups

H2 decrease apathy

H2 attract funds

H2 separate food/trash

H2 adapt equipment 

Fundraise – purchase

Research – experience, schools, implement, publicize 

Ripple Effect…Nichols--Local school--WNY--State & up 





if you have any questions/comments/concerns--leave a comment here and i'll get back to you asap.

thank you




as taken from an e-mail from dave:
The EarthLinks Follow-UP session is scheduled for July 12 from 6:30 to 8:30PM at Buffalo State College in the Butler Library, Room 210.
Please make every effort to attend as we continue our fine efforts to improve the recycling in the city of Buffalo. The link to the campus map is below and Cyndi Argona will be sending information on parking issues.
Among the items we will discuss are:
1. Progress of each group to date
2. Challenges that have come up
3. Using appropriate creative problem solving tools for each group that will enhance your team's success Please reply if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing each of your there.

end edit]

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